Document digitization

A significant step in digital transformation ensuring fast and easy access to information, which we implement in our DigiCentre or directly at your place of business.

Since 1998

Which services our customers entrust us?

Document digitization is an extensive process that consists of several stages. These include document delivery, sorting, scanning, data capture, data structure creation, back-complementation after scanning and safe return of your documents. Our team of skilled experts will design a solution that meets your specific requirements.

Complete service

We provide comprehensive document digitization services either in our own DigiCentre or directly at the customer.

Custom solutions

Together with our customers, we both benefit from our knowledge of the delivered solutions and many years of experience. This is why we can provide you with an effective customized solution that meets all your requirements.

Complete delivery

We supply all HW and SW equipment for document digitization, from simple desktop solutions to powerful digitization lines enabling complete document processing.


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    Document digitization