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Our services

Every customer has unique requirements in digitalisation and automation. This is reflected in our portfolio of services to help you in every way. From invoice extraction to archive digitization to hardware, scanservice will give your business processes the much-needed confidence.

Invoice digitization and data capture

Make the most of your employees' potential. Leave the transcription of invoice data to us.

Remittance processing (payment advices)

You can trust our modular iCapta system to handle your remittances.

Business Process

We will take over any administrative process for you. We can adapt quickly. .

Document digitization

A key part of your company's digital transformation can be carried out in our DigiCentre.

Archive digitization

We will provide you with quick and easy access to the information in your archive, while of course maintaining ...

SW services and support

We provide our customers with appropriate software application updates as part of our service ...