Document digitization

MONETA Stavební spořitelna, a.s. started its activity in 1993 under the name Wüstenrot – stavební spořitelna a.s. Over the period of its activity, it has provided clients with housing finance loans totalling over CZK 75 billion. At present, its clients have concluded over 375 thousand building savings contracts. On 1 April 2020, Wüstenrot – stavební spořitelna a.s., together with Wüstenrot hypoteční banka, a.s., became part of the MONETA financial group and changed its name to MONETA Stavební spořitelna, a.s.

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„Processing 50 different types of incoming documents has its specifics and scanservice a.s. offered a solution that proved to be highly effective and reliable. I also highly value the subsequent support and helpfulness in the implementation of changes.“
Karel Plavka, Team Leader – Property and facility management, Fleet, DMS and Workflow system, Wüstenrot – stavební spořitelna, a.s.


Develop a project for the implementation of a solution for the digitization of 50 different types of documents.


In 2011, we supplied Panasonic high-capacity scanners, Kodak Capture PRO scanning application and eFlow Integra OCR solution for digitizing 50 types of incoming documents. Due to increasing demands for speed and accuracy of processing, we upgraded the system to the IBM Datacap platform. The upgrade included the design and creation of templates for extracting bank statements from 7 major banking institutions and an application for extracting ID cards.

We are currently providing maintenance and required optimization and modifications to the system.


The digitization of incoming documents enables an efficient way of post-processing the acquired data, resulting in higher productivity and better customer service.

Used applications and hardware