Service support for book scanners

The National Library of the Czech Republic (NLC CR) is the largest and one of the oldest public libraries in the Czech Republic, it ranks among the most important European and world libraries. The collection of historical and modern literature contains more than 7 million documents with an annual growth of 70,000 titles. Information about the documents is now available in electronic form according to international standards, and rare manuscripts and endangered printed materials are gradually being digitized.

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With the growing interest in digital versions of library collections, there is also a growing need to ensure the correct and trouble-free operation of the approximately 30 book scanners that the NCR uses in its locations.


Since 2017, we have been providing the National Library of the Czech Republic with scanning equipment services, which include regular prophylaxis and calibration of book scanners in all locations of the National Library of the Czech Republic. These include 4DigitalBooks DLmini, DL3003, scan2page, scanVpage PRO, Plustek OpticBook A300, Suprascan TM Quartz HD and Treventus ScanRobot 2.0 MDS book scanners.

At the same time, we provide all current versions of applications for operating scanning devices.


The digitization of historical, scholarly and other literature not only satisfies the growing interest of the public, but also makes it possible to preserve rare manuscripts and endangered printed materials for future generations.

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