Document scanning

Kooperativa is a universal insurance company that offers a full range of services and all standard types of insurance for citizens, small businesses and large enterprises. It is a Czech company with a stable background of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG).

Vienna Insurance Group
It is a leading insurance specialist in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. More than 50 companies in 25 countries form a group with a long tradition, strong brands and great proximity to clients.

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The increasing number of clients meant that the company had to process a larger volume of client documentation efficiently and as quickly as possible. The company was looking for a solution that would significantly speed up the processing process, minimize costs and at the same time give them control over the entire process.


We have offered Kooperativa pojišt’ovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group delivery of large-capacity production A3 scanners Kodak i4650 for scanning all incoming paper client documentation and production A3 scanner Kodak S3060f including A3 flatbed for scanning internal documents. Included was Kodak’s Capture Pro scanning application for converting large volumes of documents into high quality images for further processing.


Despite the significant increase in the digitization of processes, Kooperativa still processes a large volume of paper documentation. High-quality scanning technology and automated extraction of incoming paper documents contribute significantly to bridging the gap between the paper and purely digital worlds and speed up communication with clients.

Used applications and hardware