Automated processing of payment documents

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„Slovenská pošta has been using technologies for automated processing of postal payment documents from scanservice a.s. for many years now. Both the implemented solution and especially the subsequent support are at a high professional level and meet our versatile requirements.“ Ľubomír Mindek, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director of the Information Technology Department, Slovenská pošta, a.s.


Develop a project for implementation and support of a solution for automated processing of payment documents.


The increasing demands placed on the manual processing of payment documents and the desire to make the entire work process as productive as possible led the Slovak Post in 2001 to decide to choose an automated system.

We supplied the eFLOW digitization platform for processing structured documents, including the use of our own ScanLog and ScanIndex applications. The solution also includes Kodak Alaris scanning workstations. Throughout the project we provide service support for the supplied software solution and hardware equipment.


Automated payment processing contributes to streamlined workflows and lower costs.

Used applications and hardware