Insurance contracts digitization

Rixo a.s. provides online insurance services. Since 2018, it has been working on its own technology that allows the company to automate insurance processes and offer clients to compare and arrange insurance completely online. You can compare and arrange car insurance, property insurance, life insurance or liability insurance. It is the only comparison service that has a mobile app in which you can have all your policies clearly stored.

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Developing a project to optimize and streamline the forms digitization process.


In 2019, we started developing the optimization and streamlining the forms digitalization process for Rixo a.s. The first step was to set up a processing workflow on the OCR platform of the IBM Datacap Insight system. Next steps included sorting of input documents, implementation of the extraction engine for selected forms, manual data verification and other operations with documents including creation of export files.


The implemented project significantly reduced the processing time of the form and provides support for operators in communicating with the customer.

Used applications and hardware