HW and SW delivery

Since the 10th century there have been many castles here, which were the strongholds of power in Přemyslid Bohemia. The Litoměřice chapter was founded as early as 1057, and its founding charter contains the oldest written records in Czech. Important noble families were the Berks of Dubá, the Wartenbergs, the Hrabišic family and the Hare family of Hazmburk. From the beginning of the 13th century a network of royal towns of Žatec, Kadaň, Louny, Most, Ústí nad Labem and Litoměřice was established. The latter gradually became the most important town in northern Bohemia; it was in Litoměřice that Pope Alexander VII founded the bishopric on 3 July 1655.

More info: www.kr-ustecky.cz/history


Develop a project to strengthen the infrastructure of the Ústí nad Labem Region for secure processing, storage and transmission of data, streamlining and improving the quality of internal and external processes, transparency of performance and modernization of public administration.


Between 2010 and 2014, as the main contractor, we implemented the project of the Technology Centre of the Ústí Region, together with our subcontractors CDL Systém a.s. and ICZ a.s. The entire project was carried out in several stages. First, we supplied HW and system software for the construction of the main and backup data centre, including Identity Management, followed by HW and SW equipment for the digitization and storage of information, including a book and large format scanner, and finally the integration of newly acquired and existing information systems. We are currently providing service support.


Use of the services of the Technology Centre not only by the Statutory City, but also by the municipalities that fall within its administrative district.

Used applications and hardware