Building archive digitization

The Prague 2 municipal district includes within its boundaries part of Nové Město, Vyšehrad, part of Královské Vinohrady and part of Nusle. The creation of this unit occurred during the administrative division of the Prague territory into 10 districts in 1960. This reorganization broke up traditional urban districts into sometimes up to four or five new districts and broke numerous historical ties. The history of the territory that Prague 2 occupies goes deep into the Czech past.

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Develop a project for the digitization of the archive, which included documentation of buildings, linear structures, parks and the Vyšehrad area. The text and drawing part included documents from the 19th century to the present.


In 2010, we provided the Prague 2 Municipal Office with a solution for the project “Digitization of the building archive”. In order to minimize the risk of loss or damage of documents, we carried out the digitization directly at the customer’s premises. Scanning of the text part was done on Kodak Alaris scanners with A3 flatbed and Kodak Capture Pro application, scanning of the drawing part was done on Contex large format scanner. For indexing we used our own application ScanIndex. At the same time as the digitization of the archive we also processed the newly created documentation.


By the end of 2013, we had processed the entire archive, which contained 1.6 million A4 pages. The archive is now accessible to the wider public and facilitates the retrieval of documents for construction proceedings.

Used applications and hardware